CJ’s Thumbs-Up Foundation


Over the last four years, we have seen CJ’s Thumbs Up Foundation grow in amazing ways.  When we set out to start this organization, our mission was clear.  We wanted to honor Charlotte Jennie’s memory by serving families in their time of need.

Who They Help: 

Beginning in 2014, CJSTUF will expand its efforts to serve the needs of families at UVA Health Systems in Charlottesville, VA.  This will start with financial assistance grants but we hope to expand the program with meals and other opportunities as the needs present. They wanted to honor Charlotte Jennie’s memory by serving families in their time of need.  They do this through meals (almost 3000 served this year alone) and financial assistance (about $50K given to over 100 families since 2010).  They are serving many needs of the Richmond, VA community and have exceeded our goals every year of our existence.


If you need to contact them there is a submission box on their website to contact them. This foundation doesn’t have an exact location but they are available for contact on their website http://www.cjstuf.org/ .


CJ’s Thumbs Up Foundation has distributed over 120 $500 gifts ($60,000 total) to families in need since 2010. These financial assistance grants can be used for any necessary expenses on the part of the family. Also the goal of CJ’s Meal Fairies is to provide healthy meals to family members while their child is hospitalized.




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