Full Circle Grief Center


Mission: “We believe that a circle represents many aspects of our mission at Full Circle. We have worked to create a circle of support where children and families experiencing grave illness and loss can find hope and start healing in a safe, trusting environment. Families and young adults seek support from our professional staff throughout all the stages of the grief journey – some seeking assistance before the death occurs and others looking for support after the loss of a loved one. Individuals are able to come full circle by supporting others who are experiencing similar feelings or circumstances. In other words, anyone is welcome inside the circle, regardless of where they are on their grief journey.”

Who They Help: Children and their families with grief

Where:  10611 Patterson Ave. Building 201, Richmond, VA 23238

Phone: 804.912.2947

What: Full Circle Grief Center provides a way for children and their families to find creative ways to express their grief.  Children often have trouble expressing themselves and this organization provides a great way for them to do that.  They help children and their families cope through a variety of different ways such as art, writing, play, crafting, photography, and music.

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