Richmond daily Planet, Inc.

logoMission: The Daily Planet organization helps to provide medical assistance to those at risk or experiencing homelessness.

Whom They Help: 

Since 1969, The Daily Planet has been providing exceptional healthcare to those who are at risk of becoming homeless and those experiencing homelessness.


The Daily Planet Healthcare Center
517 West Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23220
t: 804-649-2119
St. Joseph’s Outreach Clinic
8000 Brooke Road
Richmond, VA 23227
t: 804-612-7065


It is our belief that through a holistic approach to healthcare, we can truly improve lives. At our main facility in downtown Richmond, healthcare is offered in four clinical areas: primary care, behavioral health, dental, and vision care. Providers work in teams to offer a unique and comprehensive care model that targets the individual needs of all patients.

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