BETHEL Ministries


Mission: “Our mission is to create opportunities, promote individual choice, and change the lives of children and adults with disabilities by maximizing their individual potential to live, learn and work in their communities. In pursuit of that mission, four core values guide our efforts: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and Innovation. By utilizing these core values in all we do, we are assured that the personal outcomes of those we serve stay at the forefront of our daily activities.”

Who They Help: Easter Seals provides services to people living with autism and other disabilities.  They provide education, outreach, and advocacy to make life as best as possible for people with disabilities.  They have been helping people for over 90 years.

Where: 1617 Monument Ave., Ste. 302 Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: (804) 353-2571

What: Easter Seals UCP is a important partner to families managing disabilities and mental health challengers.  They serve more than 20,000 individuals and their families each year.  Last year, they delivered 3.3 million hours of support.  They serve people with a broad of disabilities from cerebral palsy, autism, spina bifida, intellectual disabilities, muscular dystrophy, stroke, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, hearing and visual impairments and mental health diagnoses.

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