Positive Vibe Foundation

Vibe_FoundationMission: The Positive Vibe Cafe is a training restaurant that provides a facility for people with disabilities to learn basic food service skills, which will aid them to secure employment.

Who They Help: Individuals with disabilities who wish to learn.

2825 Hathaway Road
Richmond,VA 23225
Phone: (804) 921-1629


Positive Vibe Foundation:

The Positive Vibe Foundation (formerly, Get Lost MD (Muscular Dystrophy) Foundation) prepares people with cognitive or physical disabilities for paid employment in the food service industry.  We accomplish our mission by training and employing people with disabilities at Max’s Positive Vibe Café.

Positive Vibe Cafe:

Since 2004, Positive Vibe Café has trained over 400 students, all with scholarships. The training program aims to prepare students for the work world and includes basic food service skills; is hands-on, builds self-confidence and readies students for real world employment. Graduates of our training program also acquire skills in cleaning and sanitizing, proper use of kitchen utensils, food safety, commercial dish washing, communication in a work place, interviewing, and job seeking. The program typically lasts four weeks and culminates with a graduation ceremony. Each graduate, in the end, is prepared for job seeking, interviewing and working in the food service industry.

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